Repair and modification

Due to the vast experience that we have gathered in the field of industrial furnace construction, we are specialists for repair and modifications of existing machines. We take over projects for IHU installations as well as for installations from other suppliers.

Due to our specialized knowledge, we are able to improve existing complex constructions through modifications. In this way, we increase the efficiency of your installations as well as the result of the heat treatment. Furthermore, these measures can contribute to significant energy savings.

We look forward to your inquiry concerning the issue „from old to new / Give your equipment a new lease of life“ and will provide photo series in the future, which document the process of currently realized projects.

Our strength is also the reconditioning of machinery components in our factory. Daily, we receive air combustion plugs, protective gas muffles, furnace covers and a lot more from our customers, to revise parts exposed to heat and usage, for a further long lasting utilization.