Technical innovations

Compensator technology

Since 2005, we successfully use the compensator technology instead of the previous oil cup seal for shaft furnaces (prior for carburising furnaces and gas nitriding furnaces).

Our technology offers many advantages for you:

  • The total charge weight of up to 20 t is based on a heat-resistant concrete base
  • In this way, the retort only needs to carry its own weight, which means that a reduced wall thickness can be used
  • A faster heat up and cool down of the charge is possible by the thinner wall of the retort
  • Nevertheless, the life time of the retort increases thanks to the lower strain
  • The fire danger is eliminated in the lower part of the furnace chassis by the manufacture without the oil cup seal
  • There is no risk of an excessive carburization of the furnace atmosphere by a too high fluid level of the oil cup
  • Contrary to the oil cup seal, the compensator system is maintenance free and environmentally-friendly
  • Less problems of deformation at the cooling of the retort because the warm air is aspirated and the make-up air, which is streaming in, is preheated